Queen Mary History

Built in Clydebank, Scotland, the RMS Queen Mary is a tribute to the thousands of people who worked together, despite the crippling effects of the great depression. To families then facing poverty, she was their secure passage back to stability.

Their hopes and vision for a better community resulted in every inch of the ship so many visited still today. During World War II (1940 -1946), the ship served as a troop transport ship of our Greatest Generation. The ship retains the world record for transporting the most individuals at once (15,740). Since 1967, the ship has called Long beach, California, her home.

Thousands of visitors desire the opportunity to experience the RMS Queen Mary in all her glory. Her original designs and concepts still amaze. Each area of the ship serves as many would consider, one chapter of many in an 80 year old collection of vintage novels owned exclusively by her international community.

For QMI and fellow ship enthusiasts, it’s always going to be about the RMS Queen Mary and securing her legacy for generations to come.